You already have Excel and know how to use it . . . We make it do more!



Everyone in business knows that Microsoft Excel is by far the most powerful business tool available in the world! And, by far the most utilized.  Businesses of all sizes and venues have been using Excel in every area of their organization for the past two decades. Anything Excel shows you how to make it even more powerful!

We build custom Excel Business Applications to fit your business needs, that automate repetitive Excel steps and manual processes. We will build your database to connect to and work with your new Excel application, and any other MS application or 3rd party business tool. We help you to better; Make your data, See your data and Use your data, by developing a customized and automated built-in reporting system. We free up minds to analyze data and focus on growing your business.

Our solutions generate more efficient workflow, increase productivity and reduce waste. And, your employees will thank you for it! The benefits are enormous! 

Below is an example of how we helped one Customer streamline their manual procedures and automate their repetitive steps, with a Customized Excel Business Solution.



To the right is an Excel model of a master schedule for a Residential Cleaning Company. Their Manager would spend multiple hours a week manually creating and changing this schedule to run their cleaning operation. It includes information pertaining to each job, (customer name; job start time; hours per job; assigned cleaners & misc. instructions). It also tracked hourly wages, weekly hours worked and cleaner’s weekly pay.

On the top right, the Manager was tracking total Revenue and Wages to generate a “snapshot” P&L. This was a time consuming manual process done by reviewing weekly jobs, looking up customer rates and cleaner hourly wages, to manually calculate the numbers.  This information would have to be modified and recalculated each time there was a job change or cancelation. Very time consuming, tedious, and repetitive data entry with manual calculations!

The Manager would also manually send out cleaner work schedules by using “copy and paste” on each individual cleaner schedule to create separate emails. This entire scheduling, P&L and emailing process would take several hours of the Managers time each week!

The Schedule shown here is for only four (4) Cleaners. Imagine this entire manual process for 10 or 20 Cleaners, or 50!  Just the time spent on emailing out schedules would be overwhelming and exasperating, to say the least!


They needed a Solution that would save them time, money and resources!


We Solved their problem by streamlining their manual procedures and automating the time consuming repetitive steps by developing The New Scheduler, a Customized Excel Business Application, displayed here.

The New Scheduler, is extremely user friendly and easy to operate. It is enhanced with simple self-explanatory point and click options on a customized toolbar with drop down menus. The end user no longer needs extensive Excel experience to create a Master Business Schedule. Any data entry personnel can create the schedule, freeing up the Manager to… Manage!

The New Scheduler was designed and built from scratch all within the Excel environment. Our Expert VBA Programming and Design Team used Macros and VBA. It has a customized, unique design, presenting itself as a Stand-alone Business Application, not just another Excel spreadsheet.

The New Scheduler automatically processes business procedures and operational functions. The database stores Customer and Cleaner information. This automatically populates the built-in (real time) yearly P&L, as Schedules are being created or modified. It also contains a built-in Customized Reporting System, to automatically manipulate the historical data and generate pre-formatted reports for payroll, finance and forecasting purposes.


The New Scheduler can be customized to fit any
service industry business in need of a Great Scheduling Tool!

They needed a Solution that would automate all of those steps and procedures. One that would Generate Efficient Work Flow, Increase Productivity, and Reduce Wasted Time!  And that’s exactly what we gave them! 


Here’s a little recap to show you what we were able to do for them:

Manual Schedule Process vs The New Scheduler
One Excel Data Sheet vs Fully Customized Software Application & Reporting System
Manual Schedule Creation vs Drop Down Calendar Function and Auto Population of Schedule Entries
Manual Line Item Data Entry vs Drop Down Menus for Simplified & Quick “Point & Click” Data Entry
Human Error Factor vs Auto Populated Data/Calculations with Validations to preserve Data Integrity
No Historical Data vs Built in Database & Automated Backup to Save & Store Data History
One View of Schedule vs Various views of Schedules and Data Information at a Click of a Button
No Reports vs Customized Preformatted Reporting System that will Auto Populate
Manual Weekly P&L vs Real Time P&L as the Schedule is created or modified
No Customer Data History vs Database of all Customer Information (Past & Future Scheduled Jobs)
Copy & Past Schedule Emails vs Automated Schedule Email Integration