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We can build onto your existing solution or create one from scratch!

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We feel your pain. We too have felt the frustration of being hindered in day-to-day work and have been able to solve many challenges using Excel. Anything Excel is a smaller business, which allows us to be responsive and flexible to our client's needs. We don't try to do it all. We focus on one area of solutions and we do it well. Our products are developed by experienced professionals in their area of expertise, including full stack software development, project management and client relationship management. And, we like to help!

With 20 years of experience in Development and Excel Consulting, we are able to intimately understand your business needs quickly, and design a customized solution that will have an immediate impact on your time, money and resources. We are confident that our professional and personal approach to your Business Solution will gain us your trust and partnership in all your future Excel needs!

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We Have Your Excel Solution!

At Anything Excel, we design, develop and implement customized Microsoft Excel Applications.


Are there repetitive tasks that you currently do manually? We can automate those very complex tasks for excel to make your life easier.

Data Analysis

Excel is one of the top tools for data analysis and the built-in pivot tables are arguably the most popular analytic tool. Let our team give you the ability to analyze your data so you can make better decisions.


Excel macros are extremely valuable tools that can save you hours of tedious work and eliminate errors. Let us simplify and speed up a wide variety of tasks using macros.


Let our team create a custom dashboard in Excel to track KPIs, metrics, and other data points in one visual, central place. Dashboards give you a high-level view of work, helping you make quick and informative decisions.


Let our Visual Basic (VBA) programmers enhance functionality in and beyond Excel to automate repetitive tasks and integrate Excel with other Office applications.


Database Development

Excel has built in tools to help you keep track of data and find specific information when you need it. Let us help you take advantage of Excel’s database features that will drastically improve your productivity.

Data Mining

We can create or take any existing Excel database, prepare it, and apply a variety of models and formulas. Our data mining services are excellent for financial and business planning.

Financial Modeling

Our excel experts can create financial models in Excel to help you forecast the future of a company or asset that are easy to understand and perform scenario analysis.

Custom Reports

Using excel our team can create dynamic sub-lists and custom reports that will match almost any report writer. We can also add a simple macro to automate reporting that would take hours.

Pivot Table

The pivot table is one of the single most powerful tools in Excel. Our software engineers can use pivot tables to create an informative summary of a very large dataset you need to work with.


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