Providing services that produce custom business solutions tailored around your existing workflow; you don't have to fit your workflow to our solutions.



Our modeling services can save you time and money with customized and automated excel solutions. We can make data entry faster, more accurate, and easier than ever before. Let our team effectively build a relational data source inside Excel for integrating your data from multiple tables.

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We have significant experience creating customized Excel applications that replace old and time-consuming processes with much improved business solutions. As the Windows development platform becomes more powerful we leverage the latest Microsoft technologies to continually build powerful, state-of-the-art Excel applications.

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Our team provides custom business solutions through automation, database programming, data mining, custom dashboards, reporting, financial and business modeling. We work with many applications beyond Excel that make us a great fit for any business need. Let us create a custom desktop or web application to solve even your most complex problems.

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Our experts build models that will replace existing models which have outlived their useful life and are considered too fragile, unreliable, and error ridden. Let our experts help you:

Automate redundancy. Let our automation solutions improve speed and accuracy of any repetitive task you currently do in Excel. Stop spending time fighting with Excel, and start allowing it to make your job easier!

Make data entry fast, easy, and accurate. Create automated validation tests that will protect against input mistakes and errors. Enter data into Excel through customized forms or drop-down boxes, instead of manual entry.

Create detailed reports. Using data from multiple worksheets you can create detailed reports. With just a click, know who your most productive employee was last month, which organization segments are staying on budget, or which product or service has proven to be the most profitable.

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Our experienced software engineers create customized Excel solutions that replace old and time-consuming processes to improve your bottom line drastically. Our Excel development team prides themselves on implementing systems that are far more efficient, robust ,and more user-friendly.

Our Excel services include but are not limited to: database programming, reporting, data manipulation and conversion, data mining and forecasting, data integration, financial modeling, reporting, customized Excel functions, and spreadsheet design. There is no Excel project too large or small for our team of software engineers to tackle for your business needs.

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Excel is the world’s most powerful business solution and we aim at meeting the needs of businesses just like yours through customized Excel development. We can help you meet your business objectives through our Excel business solutions, having served many clients from diverse business and public sectors providing Excel and database solutions.

From simple requirements to highly complex solutions and custom KPI dashboards, we can help. Our software engineers can also create custom database applications in additional environments such as SharePoint, .Net, Access and SQL.

In situations where complex customer requirements may outweigh the ability of Excel, our team of software experts can deliver custom desktop or web application solutions. With our team of full stack developers on staff we can create stand alone business solutions or custom applications that can work in conjunction with other Microsoft and 3rd party business tools. From simple requirements to highly complex solutions, we are here to help.

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